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Interested in any of our programs? Download the admission form below.


At Caring Services Inc. we want to be sure that we are the appropriate place to facilitate each person's individual treatment. To ensure this fit, every person seeking treatment at our agency will go through a screening process before they are scheduled for an assessment and entry into the program.

The following criteria must be met at screening:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age.

  2. Must be medically stable.

  3. Must be physically and emotionally able, and willing to work toward self-sufficiency.

  4. Must have a pattern of harmful substance use.


If this criteria is met the person will be scheduled for Comprehensive Clinical Assessment that will determine the severity of the person's substance use disorder and placement in treatment. To be admitted into the program the person must meet the following criteria at assessment:

  1. The comprehensive clinical assessment must indicate a primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder.

  2. Participants must be willing to follow an individualized treatment plan, developed in accordance with evidence-based practices.

  3. Participants must be able to accurately and appropriately self-administer all physical and mental health medications as prescribed.


Caring Services conducts screenings in person, Monday-Friday at 9 am. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we do ask that all people present for a face-to-face screening. 

If you have specific questions about program eligibility please do not hesitate to call our office at 336.886.5594.


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