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Caring Services is a non-profit organization that provides a holistic continuum of care to individuals who are ready to make a commitment to their recovery from substances. Our program provides the much-needed bridge between the devastation of addiction and successful return to family and society as a clean, sober, and productive community member.

Our Mission

Caring Services provides healing and hope for individuals affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs.


The goal of Caring Services Inc. is to provide the best possible opportunity for each individual to achieve lasting abstinence from all mood altering substances and to assist individuals in rebuilding their lives. 


This is accomplished through multi-dimensional approaches to rehabilitation which includes the following:  transitional housing, supportive living, outpatient treatment, relapse prevention, education, employment assistance, health and leisure, SAIOP and improved family relationship.

Bridge Structure


Learn about our mission, our impact, and view our annual reports. 



Caring Services was founded in 1994 by Becky Yates.  Mrs. Yates sought to bring the opportunity for recovery to those in need of help.  From Caring Services’ humble beginnings in a two-story house, now we now house up to 84 people seeking help with the disease of addiction. 


Our dedicated team of clinicians strives to meet the needs of our clients through a holistic continuum of care, including Gender-Specific groups such as: Men’s and Women’s Yoga and other group therapies.


Caring Services works closely with community organizations, healthcare providers, and government agencies to ensure that our clients have access to the resources they need to achieve their recovery goals. We are proud to collaborate with our partners to provide quality care and support to individuals struggling with addiction.

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