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Transitional Housing

Caring Services offers a comprehensive Transitional Housing program to men and women who are struggling with homelessness or who are unable to secure safe, sober housing. Transitional housing places program participants in a supportive living environment while they complete a treatment program and work to secure independent housing. 

What is Transitional Housing?

Transitional housing is considered a step-down from treatment at an inpatient program and a step-up from living on your own.

Is Transitional Housing Right for Me?

We typically recommend transitional housing in the following situations:

  • A person has completed an inpatient or residential program, but does not yet feel ready to be outside of a sober living environment and/or,

  • a person qualifies for treatment at an outpatient level and does not have a safe, stable or sober home to live in.

What Does Living in Transitional Housing Look Like?

Our transitional houses are integrated into the community that our agency is located in. This means that  you will not be living on the same site that you will be receiving your treatment at.

All houses are within walking distance, and no more than a quarter mile away from the primary treatment site. The houses are managed by the clinical staff at Caring Services.

This means that decisions about admittance, discharge and treatment recommendations are made by licensed and certified professionals and based on clinical criteria.

Day-to-day living is peer-monitored by an individual participating in the program and appointed by agency staff.

The purpose of this housing program is to help each individual person build stability and practice the life skills they need to be successful in independent living.


Transitional housing gives every participant the opportunity to learn to live with responsibilities, governance, and structure.

This allows individuals to practice taking individual responsibility for their care and prepares them for entry into a self-sufficient life in the community without the use of mood-altering substances.

If you feel that our Transitional Housing program is the right step for you or your loved one please call our office at 336.886.5594 to get started or fill out our contact form here.

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